Recognizing that all of us are blessed by God both spiritually and materially, the mission of St. Anthony's Stewardship Committee is to foster a spirituality of thanksgiving and biblical stewardship within our parish community.

In fostering this spirituality, the Stewardship Committee is also to identify and affirm the gifts of parishioners.  We then challenge all parishioners to share generously of their Time, Talent, and Treasure for the good of St. Anthony's Parish and beyond.  A further role of this committee is to guide the parishioners in welcoming new members and inviting their participation in the life and ministry of St. Anthony Parish.  We also coordinate Hospitality Weekends whose purpose is to encourage parishioners to form community.

We are looking for volunteers to work on the Stewardship Committee. We will work with various groups in the parish that need assistance and formulate the next Treasure drive. On the third Thursday of every month, the Stewardship Committee meets at 4:30pm in the Library of the CFC Building.

We encourage a diverse mix of parishioners to participate:  retirees, Religious Education parents, past school parents, and other parishioners.  Gathering ideas from the parish is extremely important and this will be the #1 goal of this group.

Contact Debby David, (414) 353-5653, or email, [email protected], or Audrey Neu, (262) 345-5155, or email, [email protected], to get involved.

God Bless Our Volunteers!