Safeguarding All God's Family

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Safeguarding All of God's Family program


The goal of the Safeguarding All of God's Family Program is to protect our children and all in the church family from all forms of abuse and neglect.

The program is required for all our priests, parish and school staff, and adult volunteers who have contact with children or youth. This includes those who volunteer at St. Mary Parish school and in our Christian Formation program, those who chaperone field trips and retreats, etc. The archdiocese requires that all program requirements shown below must be completed before you may begin any employment or volunteer with children or youth:

  1. Authorize a criminal background check
  2. Read and give your electronic consent to the Code of Ethical Standards and read the Mandatory Reporting Statement
  3. Attend a Safe Environment education session
  4. Read and give your electronic consent to the Social Media & Digital Communications Policy

Meeting the Requirements

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee has established an online procedure to meet most of the requirements – including authorization for criminal background checks, an online training module/document regarding the Code of Ethical Standards and Mandatory Reporting Policy, the Social Media & Digital Communications Policy, and pre-registration for attendance at a Safe Environment Education session.

This is the online process:

Go to https://milwaukee.cmgconnect.org to set up your own account (“Create an Account”). By following all instructions, you will be able to complete all the Archdiocesan administrative requirements noted above. This will include completing information for a criminal background check, reading the Code of Ethical Standards & Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities, giving your electronic consent to the Social Media & Digital Communications Policy, and pre-registration for a live Safe Environment Training session.

The final requirement is to attend the Safe Environment Education session for which you have pre-registered.

The parish Safe Environment Coordinator has the responsibility to ensure that all staff members and volunteers are compliant with the program requirements. (See Additional Information below for contact information.)

Criminal Background Check

The criminal background check is authorized as part of the online process described above in the “Meeting the Requirements” section.

To promote and ensure that St. Anthony Parish is operating in a safe and sound manner, consistent with its responsibilities and obligations to the faithful and the community, we routinely conduct criminal background checks on all applicants for employment and those volunteers who work with minors. This check is done at the start of employment or beginning volunteering with minors and must be done every five (5) years subsequently.  The criminal background check is conducted through the CMG Connect portal.  The criminal background check reports are reviewed and certified through the collaboration of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Safe Environment Office and parish/school Safe Environment coordinators.  

The background check will not include a credit check.

Attending a Safe Environment Session

The Safe Environment Session is a two-hour facilitated awareness session about abuse and creating a safe environment. Participants must pre-register online as explained above so that their session attendance can be verified, and they will receive credit for fulfilling this mandatory requirement. Participants may attend any session that is offered, whether at our parish or elsewhere in the Milwaukee Archdiocese, including virtual sessions.

Additional details regarding session attendance are as follows:

  • The archdiocese requires that volunteers attend a session only once.
  • Volunteers who are 18 and under, including those who are still in high school, are not required to complete these requirements. 
  • A session must be attended even if a person’s occupation already requires this education (for example police officers, lawyers, doctors, and teachers). 

Additional Information

Archdiocese Level

Parish Level

  • Contact the St. Anthony Parish Safe Environment Coordinator, Steve Cosentino, at [email protected].


Updated October 2022