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Thinking Back to those Days 

I arrived here in Fussville in 1945 when I was in 5th grade; 5th through 8th grades were in the downstairs classroom.  The upstairs classroom had 1st through 4th grade classes; my younger sister was upstairs in the 3rd grade. Father Bolenbeck was our priest.  He gave us religious instructions once a week.  Sister Probata was my teacher; she had been transferred here from Chicago where she also taught.  Sister Probata occasionally would have to send some boys home from school who had their barn shoes on, which would cause a bad smell.  Sister was very smart and I thought at the time, too strict - now I realize just how smart she was.

We had a pump for our water right outside of the Sisters’ house porch - Sister would send some boys on very cold days to prime the frozen pumps to unfreeze them so we could get water to drink.  Our school toilet was outside. We had outside toilets at our house, too, so it wasn’t unusual for me, but there were some students that weren’t used to it.  During our noon recess, we usually played baseball.  Once a week, us girls in the higher grades went to the church and cleaned the floors, pews, altars, and one of the Sisters would wash the altar linens.  Also, once a week, we would clean the classroom and blackboards.  If I remember correctly, the children took turns doing this.

Sister Probata sold candy bars and small bags of potato chips at noon.  I think that started when I was in 7th grade.  Every Friday we would all get a goiter pill; they tasted like malted milk to me.  I loved them.  My dad worked for the gas company.  I remember him going to the Sisters’ house and fixing their gas stove and oven.  The Sisters lived in the same house where the two classrooms were located.  I don’t know if this was any help to you.  I enjoyed thinking back to those days.

Memories of a St. Anthony Parishioner

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