Grades 9 & 10, Service Hour Information

Grades 9 & 10, Service Hour Information

Performing service to others is an important part of being a follower of Christ.  As part of the Christian Formation program for grades 9 and 10, students are required to perform a minimum of 10 service hours throughout the year, for the greater community and/or in support of the parish in any way.  After doing so, they are to write a reflection on one or more of their service activities, and submit that and their service record sheet to their Catechist or Parish Office before the end of the CF school year.

Click on the first link below to print out a copy of the service sheet to list/describe the service activity, the time spent and to obtain a supervisor signature.  Page 2 is a listing of possible service activities.  The second link contains questions to consider when writing the follow-up reflection.

Any questions, please call John Hying, 262-251-5910, press 1


Click for Service Hour Record Sheet/Activities

Click for Service Reflection Questions