Civil War Connection

Civil War Veteran Buried In St. Anthony Cemetery 

OBITUARY:  Waukesha Freeman Dec. 15, 1910 - "William Gross, many years resident in this part of Wisconsin and a veteran of the Civil War, died suddenly at his home in the town of Menomonee, December 7.  Mr. Gross was born in Germany in 1844, came to Wisconsin in 1854 and with his parents settled at Germantown.  When eighteen years of age he entered the army as a member of the Twenty-Sixth Wisconsin Infantry and took part in a number of important battles.  He was wounded at Kenesaw Mountain.  In 1869 Mr. Gross married Anna Maria Trost and fourteen children were born to them, eleven of whom, with their mother survive.  The family had resided on their present home farm since 1874.  Mr. Gross was highly esteemed by his neighbors.  Funeral services were held at St. Anthony's Church, Saturday, Rev. N. Schaaff officiating."

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