St. Anthony the Hermit Cemetery 

Just as you provide insurance or make a will, you owe it to yourself and your family to select your burial space before the time of need. Few people buy insurance with enthusiasm. They do it out of a sense of responsibility to those they love.

Providing cemetery property in advance shows a mixture of love and responsibility, along with the peace of mind that goes with the knowledge that a family obligation has been fulfilled.


$200 Church fee (payable to St. Anthony Church) 

$50 Priest stole fee (payable to St. Anthony Church) 

$100 Vigil fee (only if vigil is at the church the night before the funeral, payable to St. Anthony Church) 

$150 Organist fee (payable to organist directly) 

Additional fees may apply for additional services

Grave Sites and Columbarium 

$1,000 Standard grave

$400 Cremains in ground burial (per urn) 

$300 Cremains in Columbarium (per urn) 

Additional fees may apply for interments after 4:0 p.m. or on weekends

Grave sites and Columbarium niches may be purchased at the St. Anthony Parish Office by appointment. Please contact Larry Claas at (262) 253-0244 to arrange an appointment time. Lots are available only through the parish and available only to parish members. 

$850 Standard grave with above ground monument (raised marker) for lot of two or more graves

$750 Standard grave with flush marker only

$1,500 Niche in Columbarium (Approx. size 12x12x12") will hold two cremains

$460 Infant space (flush marker only)