Blood Drive

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Blood Drives and Blood Donation Are Safe

Rest assured, Versiti takes every precaution when it comes to donor and patient safety (more information below). The donation process itself poses no risk of infecting a donor with coronavirus. Donors should be reassured that attending organized blood drives is safe. Coronavirus is currently not known to infect patients through blood transfusions.

Social Distancing:

  • We encourage all donors to make an appointment to lessen the amount of people waiting at our donor centers
  • Ensuring six feet of space between chairs in waiting areas and cafe
  • Ensuring six feet of space between donation chairs and/or separation with medical screens
  • If appointment registration congestion occurs, we will ask for your cell phone number and text when your appointment is ready


  • We clean all equipment, beds, and other surfaces after each donor finishes their donation
  • Changing gloves frequently and between donors is part of our normal practice
  • We will maintain sanitized pen bins, so donors are only using clean pens at sign-in