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An Invitation to Support Women's Ministries

During the Month of May, the Month of Mary, we turned our hearts to the Blessed Virgin, our spiritual mother. At least one day this month, Mother’s Day, we also paid special attention to the women who gave us life, nurtured and cared for us. May and Mother’s Day specifically remind us of the importance of honoring our mothers. We do this not just when we give our mothers flowers, but when we give the love and space needed so they can tend to their own hearts and spiritual health. It’s with that gift in mind I have a special invitation I would like to extend to the women of the parish who are all called to be spiritual mothers.

A national group, Well-Read Mom, is leading a walking pilgrimage through Green Bay to Our Lady of Good Help to celebrate the Feast of the Assumption. I plan to be chaplain for at least part of the journey. This is a unique opportunity because it is a true pilgrimage in the sense that over the course of three days (Aug. 13-15, Saturday to Monday) the group will walk 38 miles to the holy shrine. Traveling along scenic routes and spending the night at designated Catholic parishes along the way, there will be ample time for fellowship, silence, reflection and prayer. If this speaks to your heart, I’d encourage you to visit the website and learn more about it online at

I’ve seen Well-Read Mom groups in action at other parishes where I have served, and I’ve been impressed. It’s an organization that recognizes the need for mothers to reclaim time for themselves – specifically time for friendship and reading great works of literature.

While the personality and interests of the faith community at each parish determine the focus of ministries – the need for women and mothers to nurture their relationships with one another and honor the gifts that God has given them should not go unmet.

I encourage women and mothers in our faith community to prayerfully consider these needs and how we can best meet them here. Perhaps it is starting a Well-Read Mom chapter. Maybe it’s something else. Contact me and share your ideas. You are a vital part of our community and deserve honor and support all year.